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  1. Beyond borders: top EM multi-region equity manager revealed

    By Chris Sloley on 18 December 2014

    Citywire Global uncovers the most consistent performer investing outside the traditional global emerging markets sector.

  2. Russell’s multi-asset CIO reveals top contrarian bet for 2015

    By Chris Sloley on 18 December 2014

    VIDEO: High yield is worth another look but one equity market is emerging as a surprise favourite, says Christophe Caspar.

  3. Michael Lipper: three value bets to back in 2015

    By Michael Lipper on 15 December 2014

    The Wall St veteran puts his analytical training to use to uncover three themes he believes offer better bargains than the broad market.

  1. Former European small-cap star joins French group

    By Chris Sloley on 12 December 2014

    European equity specialist joins Paris-based asset manager three months after exiting Swiss firm, Citywire Global has learned.

  2. Fund titan takeovers: five manager succession stories

    By Harry Brooks, Chris Sloley on 12 December 2014

    Changes on blockbuster funds can cause uncertainty among investors but how does it impact performance? Citywire Global shines a light on five funds to find out.

  3. South Africa showing signs of strength, says frontier markets star

    By Chris Sloley on 11 December 2014

    Regional expert and Citywire AAA-rated manager Cornelius Vlooswijk reinforces position in continent’s biggest player following turnaround.

  4. Boutique star doubles exposure to ‘volatile’ Egypt

    By Chris Sloley on 11 December 2014

    Citywire A-rated David McIlory believes, four years on from the Arab Spring, there is a strong desire outside Egypt to ensure it remains a functioning economy.

  5. Frontier fund favourites revisited: how the heavyweights have fared

    By Harry Brooks on 11 December 2014

    Citywire Global takes another look at the biggest developing world funds in our database to see how the heaviest hitters have performed.

  6. Getting ahead in German equity: the best risk-adjusted managers

    By Chris Sloley on 09 December 2014

    DISCOVERY: Citywire Global uncovers the German equity specialists posting the strongest risk-adjusted returns over three and seven years.

  7. Euro star Clements: what I'm buying in sold-off Russia and oil services

    By Matthew Goodburn on 08 December 2014

    VIDEO: SYZ Asset Management's newly-appointed head of European equities reveals how he is setting up his blockbuster funds to capitalise on wider volatility.

  8. Michael Lipper: current investment trends for future results

    By Michael Lipper on 08 December 2014

    Too many investors are looking at current prices and economic conditions without looking at fundamentals, warns the Wall St veteran.

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